Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top 5 Items Dialysis Patient's Need During Treatments

If you are going to be starting dialysis in an out-patient center, you will most likely be having your treatments three times a week to have your blood cleaned.  Generally speaking, the average time you will spend on a dialysis machine will be about 4 hours each time.  However, you will actually be at the center for around 5 hours altogether, while the nurse or technician preps you at the start of the treatment and preps you to go home at the end of the treatment.  Therefore, you will be sitting in a recliner type chair for approximately 5 hours, give or take.  Sometimes it's not easy to sit that long and some centers are kept on the cool side.  Not only that, but given the fact you have end stage kidney disease, you're probably already cold most of the time.  It's part of the disease process.

I would recommend 5 items to take with you each time you go for your treatments, to help in making you more comfortable sitting in the chair. 

1)  Get yourself a tote bag to carry items you want to take and use it each time you go, such as the one below, which is available at  If you wish to purchase the tote bag below, just click the link below the picture. 

Dialysis Beach Tote,493471860?aid=1115743

Dialysis III Tote Bag,600710552?aid=1115743

Dialysis Tote Bag,538620945?aid=1115743

2)  The second item you will want to take with you is small blanket, such as a fleece throw to put over your lap while your there.  Here's a few cute ones I found, they are available for purchase just click the link below the picture.
Dialysis Blanket 1 Throw Blanket,903760848?aid=1115743

Dialysis Throw Blanket,538621546?aid=1115743

3)  The third item you may want to consider is a soft pillow to sit on, even though you will be sitting in a recliner, sometimes the vinyl isn't as soft as you might think, especially after sitting for a long period.  Or, a pillow may be used behind your back too. 
dialysis butt pillow 2 Throw Pillow,903765201?aid=1115743

4)  If you are due to take any medication during the time you're going to be at the dialysis center, be sure to take those with you.  If they are blood pressure medications, please make sure you check with a nurse before taking them during the dialysis treatment as many medications are dialyzed out or removed from your blood during the cleaning process and you won't receive the benefit of them. 

5)  The last thing you may want to take is a book or a magazine to read.  Most all dialysis units have TV sets to watch to pass the time.  Or, you may take a nap while there.  If you like to listen to music, take your player and some ear phones. 

After you've had a few treatments, you will know more of what to expect.  It may seem frightening at first but you will soon relax and realize it's not as scary as it all seems. 

Hope this helps. 

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