Monday, August 12, 2013

Eames Atomic Mid Century Era

Eames Atomic Inspired Bucket Bag

As a retired nurse and self-taught graphic designer, I really love the look of the Mid Century, Atomic Era.  I designed the bucket bag above to resemble a piece of fabric my grandmother had when she loved to sew.  I loved the funky abstract pattern with it's many swirls the use of only 4 colors.  This was typical of the Atomic Era.  This is a pillow I designed and is available for purchase by following the link just below it.  It is also available in light grey. 

Mid-Century Modern Pillow Atomic Inspired II*

eames era 19 red and cream GAils Woven Throw Pillo

Mid-Century Modern Pillow Artsy

Mid-Century Modern Shower Curtain,1339774471
Mid-Century Modern Pillow House Design

Mid Century Modern Wrapped Canvas Abstract #19 Canvas Prints

I now design duvet covers, pillows, clock faces, throw blankets, shower curtains, bucket bags and more by creating designs inspired by the Eames, Atomic Era period.  To view my entire collection of designs available for purchase thus far, click here:  :   **You may also contact me at
Hot4Tees_BG@Yahoo.Com for special requests. 

You can also follow me on Pinterest, I have many of my products posted from the Mid Century, Atomic Era.  These classic designs are gaining popularity in the 21st century. 

Pinterest has a very cool link of homes, furniture styles, home accessories etc if you are interested in taking a look at some of the things from that time period.  Some of these items are available for purchase.

If you're a baby boomer or older, you probably remember the classic look of the Atomic Era.  The funky abstracts design.  The atomic era came about after WWII from the 1940's to the 1960's and began the onset of the nuclear age and the architectural style homes of Frank Lloyd Wright. 

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