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Top 10 Reasons To Ban Fracking

Top 10 Reasons to Ban Fracking


Although the technique of Fracking was developed 60 years ago, it has been all the rage in the news of late, with more and more companies using the procedure to tap into natural gas, and the subsequent uproar of the public on its many harmful effects to the environment.


Technically, “fracking” is short for hydraulic fracturing, where millions of gallons of chemically treated water are drilled at great force into the shale rock level of the earth, breaking apart the rock and thereby forcing huge amounts of natural gas and oil pockets out into a reserve well.


Several countries have already banned the practice and the United States is gaining signatures to pass legislature to follow suit.  

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Although Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was quoted to say “We are the Saudi Arabia of natural gas,” he and the fracking industry are overlooking the many problems that arise from this process:


1.    Clearing natural land to construct roads and well sites damages the little natural habitat we have left.

2.    Trucks involved in the ground transport and handling of massive amount of toxic chemicals travel to and from the site, causing more air pollution and increasing the chances for spillage and accidents.

3.    Half of the remaining fracking mud left underground can’t be economically pumped out and is abandoned in hopes that it will “clean itself” or slowly seep into our water supply.

4.    The very act of injecting mass amounts of chemicals into the earth creates a poisonous layer of water that filters up to the ground level, mixing toxic waste with our drinking water.

5.    As the massive machinery virtually makes Swiss cheese of the earth’s crust, earthquake activity can increase from the weakened foundation.

6.    Contaminating the ground water creates a direct danger to our food supply as farmers water their crops and animals with contaminated water from nearby wells.

7.    There is an additional danger of toxic chemicals being spread when flooding occurs in the area or even flowing downriver, miles away from the well.

8.    Scientists at UCLA have already discovered how to use solar energy through the windows of skyscrapers, which could probably produce enough to power every big city, thereby greatly reducing the need for natural oil and gas.

9.    Since scientists have figured out how we can harvest methane gas from our landfills and sewage sludge, this gives us another process that could be used in lieu of hazardous fracking.

10.                    And lastly, our air.  Although experts say that natural gas emits 50% less carbon than coal or oil, it is polluted with mass amounts of volatile organic compounds and hydrocarbons from the process of extracting the gas at the shale level.  

Recently, some industry leaders denied that fracking has caused water pollution; however former president of Shell Oil Company, John Hofmeister admitted, “Everybody knows that some wells go bad.”

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Top 10 Boston Strong T-Shirts

Boston will never forget the tragedy on April 15th, 2013.  It's impact on the city was widespread, affecting families all across the country.  America was hurting but far from broken.  And Boston, well, it just became stronger than ever.  In remembrance of that tragic day, I put together a collection of some the best t-shirts available.  Wear it with pride Boston!! Wear it with pride. 

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Top 10 Funniest Nurse T-Shirts

Let's face it, having a good sense of humor in nursing is a must!  You almost can't survive a single day in the medical profession without it.  Admittedly, we nurses  sometimes laugh at things we shouldn't---but we can't help it.  Although, we do try to be discreet about it.  Sometimes.  It's the nature of the beast.  Stressful situations are best relieved with humor and laughter, there's nothing wrong with that, even in a critical care unit. Especially in a critical care situation---such as after a code blue.  When the adrenaline slows down, nurse's return to the nurse's station, invariably someone will comment on something that was funny about the code.  Mind you, there's no disrespect intended, it's simply a way to release stress. 

Anyway, here's some rather funny t-shirts, tote bags, buttons and mugs I found that really struck me as well---hilarious. 

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Considering ICU or Critical Care Nursing?

Are you considering a nursing career in an ICU or Critical Care setting? Are you a new graduate and wondering if critical care nursing is right for you then read on. As an RN myself, I worked in many different aspects of the nursing profession, physician's offices, dialysis, hospice and ICU/Trauma. I loved them all and now, even though I'm retired, I feel I had a well rounded background in the nursing field. It served me well. However, if I had it all to do over again, I would have chosen Critical Care Nursing from the start. Why? Because honestly, it was the most rewarding and not as difficult as one might think. Here's why: Consider being fresh out of nursing school, a brand new graduate and yes, quite green. Your experience level is about a 0.5 on a 1-10 scale. The usual suggestion for new grads is to spend time on a medical-surgical floor, "gain some experience". Baloney. If you can get hired out of school into an ICU or Critical Care setting, then go for it. You will receive the best training and will be assigned to generally the best nurse qualified to train you. You will learn nursing on a 1:1 or 1:2 nurse patient ratio. If you choose a medical-surgical floor, you will more likely than not be assigned to 3-5 patients during your first week and can probably expect the nurse training you to be stressed. Or, if they are short staffed, you may end up with your assignment with a nurse co-assigned to monitor you. Talk about stress!!! Even better, get hired in a Level 1 hospital, you will see more, experience more and will learn a great deal more. Critical care nurses are experienced and are very willing to train you so that you will receive the most out of your orientation. After your training is over, you will have nurses close by always to pose questions to, unlike a med-surg floor, where you will have to hunt someone down. Not so in critical care, they will usually be standing within a few feet of you. I have found critical care nurses to be a cohesive group, working always in tandem with each other. If a nurse simply states, "I need help over here", several nurses run to assist. On a med-surg unit, again, the nurses have a larger case load and will be much busier and with patients with nearly the high acuity as they would be in an ICU setting. I say, go for it! Just go for it! There is a book that many nurses in our unit used on an almost daily basis and I highly recommend it to anyone considering or already working in an ICU or Critical Care setting. It's Kathy White's Fast Facts For Critical Care. It's available on Amazon.Com, Here is the Link to the book:

A few other books I suggest: Good luck! Enjoy your nursing career!

Retired Nurse Tales and Opinions: Gluten Sensitive? Gluten Intolerant?

Retired Nurse Tales and Opinions: Gluten Sensitive? Gluten Intolerant?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Eames Atomic Mid Century Era

Eames Atomic Inspired Bucket Bag

As a retired nurse and self-taught graphic designer, I really love the look of the Mid Century, Atomic Era.  I designed the bucket bag above to resemble a piece of fabric my grandmother had when she loved to sew.  I loved the funky abstract pattern with it's many swirls the use of only 4 colors.  This was typical of the Atomic Era.  This is a pillow I designed and is available for purchase by following the link just below it.  It is also available in light grey. 

Mid-Century Modern Pillow Atomic Inspired II

eames era 19 red and cream GAils Woven Throw Pillo

Mid-Century Modern Pillow Artsy


Mid-Century Modern Shower Curtain

Mid-Century Modern Pillow House Design

Mid Century Modern Wrapped Canvas Abstract #19 Canvas Prints

I now design duvet covers, pillows, clock faces, throw blankets, shower curtains, bucket bags and more by creating designs inspired by the Eames, Atomic Era period.  To view my entire collection of designs available for purchase thus far, click here:  :  www.cafepress.com/gailgabel/10106996?aid=1115743   **You may also contact me at
Hot4Tees_BG@Yahoo.Com for special requests. 

You can also follow me on Pinterest,  http://pinterest.com/gailgabel/eames-era-inspired-creations/where I have many of my products posted from the Mid Century, Atomic Era.  These classic designs are gaining popularity in the 21st century. 

Pinterest has a very cool link of homes, furniture styles, home accessories etc if you are interested in taking a look at some of the things from that time period.  Some of these items are available for purchase.  http://pinterest.com/buny71/atomic-era-goodies/  http://www.zazzle.com/mcmstyle  http://www.cafepress.com/gailgabel/11058621

If you're a baby boomer or older, you probably remember the classic look of the Atomic Era.  The funky abstracts design.  The atomic era came about after WWII from the 1940's to the 1960's and began the onset of the nuclear age and the architectural style homes of Frank Lloyd Wright.



Gluten Sensitive? Gluten Intolerant?

Retired Nurse Tales and Opinions: Grieving For Gluten: I want a piece of cake with thick, buttercream frosting, any kind of cake will do.  Or, how about one of those French cream horns, flakey p...